GLANRIS Has Formed and assumed ownership of 901X! Read All About It

If you have been following my antics, you have no doubt read about the brilliant and exciting new water filtration media that we labeled 901X, as a place-holder name. over the past 18 months I have given glimpses of what this media can do, and today am proud to present to you our new company, GLANRIS. Our website, just a teaser of things to come, is online at GLANRIS.COM.

At present, GLANRIS offers four different, new, unique filtration media. Our 901X is our rollout technology and it is a real humdinger. our other 3 medieas, which we will roll out a bit later down the line, are also powerful tools for quenching the water thirst of the world. If that isn’t big news enough, we will also be releasing a new countertop water purification pitcher that will offer water safety and security benefits not possible with any units on the market.

I have included some test results and marketing information to illuminate just how big a water development GLANRIS really is. Stay tuned, hold on and watch how GLANRIS brings safe, reliable water to even the poorest of peoples.

Markets and Performance

Glanris Colorimetric Data

Glanris Investment Summary


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