Glanris T MINUS 3 – 2 – 1 BLAST OFF!!!!!!!!

After 3 1/2 years of painstaking work, my partners Doctor L. Yu Lin (Louie) Ph.D., Bryan Eagle III and I have closed our Series A financing and are now preparing for the formal launch of Glanris, Inc. into the forefront of the water purification world.

From a products standpoint, we will offer water filters for your refrigerator and faucet, as-well-as replacement filters for Brita and other popular brand pitchers. Our media brings new, simple-to-operate drinking water purification to the poorest, most water-stressed parts of the world. We remove toxic metals such as Lead, Nickel, Chromium, and Zinc from industrial processes. We offer a new, lost cost, improved media to replace expensive slow-acting activated carbon powder in the municipal market. We offer new horizons for EPA clean up, mining leachate, the reuse of deicing fluid, air filters and even radioactive waste water.

We have begun building our first manufacturing/test facility at a location on Senator Street in central Memphis and ordering equipment from around the world. We look forward to providing new careers with a first for Memphis”  training people in the science of removing contaminants from water.

We predict that the first commercial batches of Glanris media will roll out of the plant 6 months from today, maybe sooner. The good news is that we already have some industrial customers ready to put our media into service, several distributors ready to offer our packaged products, R7D interest from prestigious institutions of higher learning, interest from Federal government agencies, and already, corporations that see Glanris as a potentially important addition to the range of water treatment products they already offer.

As the picture to the right indicates, “The Future Is So Bright We Have To Wear Shades.”


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