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Of all the questions and comments I receive, the bulk of them has to do with personal drinking water issues. Consumers are worried about how water affects their health. They want to know which water filters are best and they have an increasing distrust of their local water authority. With the seemingly endless stream of daily water horror stories being brought to our attention our growing concerns about water are a natural outflow. (I used the words stream and outflow, I really do have a Jones for water!)

I chose the words “Hard Water” in this headline for a reason that is beyond the calcium and magnesium content that we typically associate with the phrase hard water. Instead, I used the phrase to convey once again that if we truly want to make good, safe, sustainable decisions about the water we drink, then we must understand that there are no simple, one-word answers to our questions. Water is a complicated liquid whose behavior can only be understood with an accompanying understanding of chemistry, biology, physics, engineering, and mathematics. It is the principles of science that are the real key ingredients of water.

Sadly, when I answer water questions this way, too many, in fact, the majority of people respond with glassy-eyed, disinterested looks of  “Too Much Information For Me“, and then go on about their search for that magical Ponce de Leon fountain of youth. So then, for those who really want to become educated about water, here are some things I suggest that will help you.

  • Take a course in Anatomy and Physiology. Learn how the body uptakes water and nutrients
  • Visit the Water Quality Association website www.wqa.org Consider their water courses
  • Take a course in basic (inorganic) chemistry and learn about metals, salts, and equilibrium
  • Take a course in organic chemistry and learn about carbon-based pollutants
  • Monitor the water reports put out by your municipal water provider
  • Arrange a meeting at your local water treatment plant. Learn about your local water and its treatment

The biggest enemy to our making smart water decisions is our incessant, insistence of believing and accepting the easiest intellectually digestible answer to our water questions. This is why so many charlatans are able to make $ millions selling us basically worthless water filtration products.



Do you believe that drinking certain types of water will benefit your health? Do you believe in the health benefits of Alkaline Water? Hydrogen Water? Kangen Water? Black Water? Mineral Water? Do you believe that water like Dasani, Aquafina, and Nestle products are all hype? Do you believe that man can save our water supplies and keep them clean? Do you believe that so-called green technologies are better for our water supplies than fossil fuel-based technologies? If you answered yes to any of these questions, please add as many of the bullet points listed above to your bucket list as possible.

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