Interesting Facts About Clean Energy – Oil

Sometimes, we think we are doing the best thing for the environment, but when we take a closer look what we often see is that the implementation of clean energy boils down to simply trading one batch of problems and abuses for other ones. Again, if we really compare all the downsides of a particular energy technology, what we come to find is that for a given BTU all energies, except one, nuclear, which remains the environmentally cleanest we have, are equally damaging, warming and polluting. When it comes to oil, the downsides of not using fossil fuels will literally cripple the world and set us back at least a century.

Alexandria Occasio Cortez and her band of Green New Deal zealots want to stop the use of oil. This is what happens when nincompoops take the wheel of scientific matters. Lets take a quick look at what the cessation of crude oil use would mean to you and me.

Among the countless products that can only be made from crude oil processing are, slacks, pantyhose, carpet, soap, deodorant, scotch tape, boats, nail polish, insecticides, rubbing alcohol, black tape, paint, epoxy, synthetic rubber, detergents, footballs and basketballs, sun glasses, aspirin, artificial limbs, shaving cream, toothpaste. bandages, soft contact lenses, dishes, dentures, hear valves, ammonia, refrigerators, air conditioning coolant, vitamin capsules, hydrocortisone, skis, bicycle and motorcycle helmets, ballpoint pens, upholstery fabric, petroleum jelly, ink, caulk, bicycle tires, tires, dishwasher parts, cell phone cases and screens, flat screen televisions, solar panels, perfumes and more.

Furthermore, without the distillation (refining) of crude oil for gasoline and diesel fuel, the carbon compounds required to  manufacture millions of staple products of our life, cannot be extracted.

What does this mean?

Well, the current inexpensive price of countless consumer/medical products is made possible because after the oil companies/refineries make good profit selling fuels, the remaining distillates can be sold to us cheaply. However, if the zealots have their way, the oil companies will no longer be able to generate revenue from fuel sales, but to sell the building blocks of all our consumer products, will still have to do just as much refining, only to throw the fuel products away.

If oil companies now have to pay the same bills without the revenue generated by fuel oil sales, the cost of the remaining distillates will have to go dramatically up to allow the oil companies/refineries to stay in business. So how does $32.00 toothpaste, and $41.00 bottles of aspirin help the little guy?



Elected officials and technology should never be allowed to exist in the same conversation.