Is Home Water Recycling A Good Idea?

in this day of ecological responsibility, we all want to pitch in to help the Earth. We recycle, conserve and when possible re-use. I was asked today, “Should I look into recycling my grey water (used/drain water). I thought this was good to comment on.

Recycling grey water is actually not practical for the average homeowner. Forget the regulations, there is just no economic drive to do this. The American Water Works Association lists the average cost a consumer pays for a gallon of tap water is $0.004 per gallon or 4/10s of a penny. The average household uses about 450 gallons per day. This translates to $1.80 per day or $54,00 per month.

Now think about this! If one’s daily expense for water is only $1.80 per day, what benefit would it be to recycle this water? What kind of system could you design and operate that would provide savings above this minuscule expense? Technically, of course, it could be done. But from a practical standpoint, with the current cost of water and power being so inexpensive, the home recycling of grey water can be nothing more than a moot exercise.