Is Mom In Hot Water?

Moms love hot water. Wash dishes in hot water. Wash your hands with hot water. Wash clothes in hot water. After all, Hot water kills bacteria and viruses and is just one of the ways Mom kept us safe and disease-free. RIght? Well, Mom is all wet. Hot water, as it comes out of the hot water tank does absolutely nothing to kill bacteria and viruses. To kill these organisms tt takes steam, it takes water heated to 212-degrees Fº or under pressure,  even higher temperatures.

Think about it; when bacteria enter our drinking water, municipalities don’t issue a hot-water report, but instead a boil alert.

So does this mean hot water is useless in safeguarding our health? Well not actually. Hot water is beneficial in reducing contamination. Here is how. Hot water makes many things more soluble, so if there are deposits of food, or other substances on our clothes, countertops, and other contact surfaces. hose deposits can harbor or actually breed organisms so hot water will help clean them up.

In laundry hot water increases the solubility of staining substances and dirt, and increases the effectiveness of soap by making particles move faster, this is known as increasing kinetic energy.

So Mom was on the right track. Hot water does help us keep bad organisms to a minimum, it just doesn’t kill them.