Jackass Water Culture – Di-hydrogen Oxide

All over social media, there are memes, warnings, disclaimers, and anecdotes trying to shock people into worrying about a “dangerous” household substance called DI HYDROGEN OXIDE (DHO). Of course, these jackasses are referring to H²O, water.

What we have here is an exercise by self-absorbed idiots who know nothing about chemistry using conventions that they read somewhere in a chemistry book, and then trying to make fools of people who don’t realize that the term refers to water; 2 molecules of hydrogen and 1 molecule of oxygen.

Well, simpletons here is a news flash for you. The term DHO is not correct nomenclature for water or the H²O molecule. The only time the words mono, di, tri, etc are used is when there are multiple forms of an elemental combination and the specification is required for clarification. There is no mono hydrogen oxide, it is called hydroxide. If one wants to refer to water chemically the proper term is Hydrogen Oxide.

As a comparison. We refer to rock salt as Calcium Chloride. The chemical symbol is CaCl² but nobody would call this Calcium Di-Chloride.