Journalists and Brilliant Minds Are Saving Us

I am really comforted knowing that journalists, brilliant engineers and so called scientists are hard at work saving the planet for us. I have recently been engaged to design high purity water systems for several proposed electric car factories, or Giga-factories as Elon Musk factories are called.

Recently, much of the excitement over these marvels of technology, Electric Vehicles (EVs) has taken an embarrassing punch in the gut as  EV owners out West have been ordered not to charge their cars due to their not being enough electricity available to charge the cars while still operating the city, what with all its inconsiderate hospitals, manufacturing plants, schools, businesses and residents who selfishly think they can just open their refrigerator and expect food to be cold. The nerve of some people.

Even before these recent problems I already documented that the Earth does not have enough copper, chromium, lead, nickel, cadmium, lithium and other minerals (metals) to even manufacture the 17 million new cars Americans buy each year, let alone create a new grid and chargers to keep the cars operational.

But it gets far worse for us when we take into consideration how irresponsible EV manufacturing is in its water use. Once operating full scale, Tesla in Austin Texas is expected to use upwards of 500 million gallons of water annually. No worries, we all know how much extra water they have out West, don’t we?

In Berlin it is expected that the Tesla plant is going to uses as much as 30% of the local drinking water supply and it is also expected that residents will be restricted from using their drinking water.

WOW!  Are you excited yet? I don’t know about you, but these journalists and CEO’s are sure laying a great groundwork for our environmental future with all this green/renewable/circular nonsense. At the current pace, our leading scientists and environmental activists will have our entire economy shut down long before dreaded, fictional climate change consumes the planet.

How can so many people be this stupid?

It is because as I always say, they have no science background, are zealots, and believe that those they idolize are so smart all one has to do is just follow them. Here is an analogy of how the thought process of today’s “water experts” works

  • At my interview for a chef’s job I prepare 4 NY Strips for the owners and investors in the restaurant
  • All four find my steak to be phenomenal
  • I am congratulated and hired on the spot
  • Two days later everyone is complaining about the food and the restaurant’s butcher bill is at an all time high

When asked what is going on, I explain that I routinely burn 8 steaks for every one good one I make. If the decision makers only saw this part of the process they would never have hired me.

This you see, is how climate science, pollution, green/circular bullsnot and the rest of this save-the-world garbage gains a hold. Proponents are myopic and only look at the point of performance that they are interested. So here we are, saving the world with electric cars which deplete our water and minerals, pollute the environment, and demand resources that the Earth cannot supply.



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