Killing the Colorado River

RIVER 19 In keeping with my mantra that it is man, and not climate change that is the biggest threat to water comes yet more proof of my beliefs. Due to the recent and abundant waterfall that has blessed Southern California, the state’s lawmakers have decided to relax water use restrictions and allow those who deplete the Colorado River to go right on continuing doing so.

This is not only madness, but in my opinion it constitutes criminal negligence. No matter how much data we provide stating that water will always be scarce in certain parts of the world, idiot politicians continue to live for the moment and totally ignore the protection of our most precious resource.

The American West is my favorite part of the world. God willing, I will get the chance to live there before my health and age no longer allow me to do so. I am sad and enraged at the same time to think that our Government is making no real effort at true long-term sustainability and conservation of our precious water sources.

There is great opportunity in storm water collection, water pipelines, evaporation technology, expanded reservoirs and in general new infrastructure that would not only create long lasting jobs, but also long-lasting, higher quality of life for many. And yet, knowing the worst is coming, we continue to live in the moment.

This story has me weeping for the Colorado, and for our water.


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