Kinetico – The World’s Best Water Softener

In the year-and-a-half I have been doing this blog I have not endorsed  single product, and while I have been solicited, I don’t accept payment to endorse products. I owe my soul to water, and treating water properly, above all else is what drives my career. With that said, I can tell you boldly, confidently and without putting myself in a position where anyone can refute me scientifically or otherwise, that the Kinetico® Water Softener is the best water softener in the world. Bar none. If you have hard water, you can be sure there is no better solution available to you.

So what makes this system so much better than all others? There are a few things. and some of them a bit on the technical side. But I am here to tell you, when actual irrefutable science is behind the products you buy, then you really have something of value. So let’s take a closer look.

  • The Kinetico Valve – This is the engine that powers the water softener. It is completely non-electric. Water turns a nest of highly precise gears to determine when your system needs to regenerate. So right off the bat, 0 energy consumption makes this puppy the most environmentally friendly softener money can buy.
  • Regeneration Based On Consumption – Unlike electric softeners that regenerate on time, the Kinetico regenerates based on gallons you consume. If you go on vacation, or don’t use much water, the unit won’t regenerate. Electric units typically regenerate by a timer, whether you use water or not. Home Run #2! The Kinetico uses less salt and water than anything on the market.
  • Duplex Design = Continuous flow – The duplex design means that one tank is always in service while the other one sits regenerated ready to take over when tank #1 needs regeneration. Conventional electric units have to bypass themselves when they regenerate. During that process, hard water travels into your pipes and hot water tank. Kinetico delivers continuous soft water 24/7/365. Even if you leave your faucet on all the time, you can never run out of soft water.
  • Kinetico Regenerates With Soft Water. Conventional units use your hard tap water to regenerate and rinse. As a result, the very process of regeneration is never complete because some of your resin capacity will be used up by the hard tap water. By using soft water to regenerate, all of the Kinetico resin gets regenerated. This translates into more gallons of soft water per pound of salt, less regenerations, and longer resin life.

There are a few other technical niceties built in to Kinetico technology that you can read about on the company website, or learn from your local representative. Make no mistake about it, if you require a water softener, the Kinetico is the best of the very best. It has no equal.


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