Media! The Enemy Of Man, And of Science!

Al Gore – Global Moron

I have had a lifetime journey with science. As a kid I went through chemistry sets like candy. I graduated with a science degree, trained to administer dialysis treatment, got promoted to taking care of dialysis machines and the water system. I have spent the last 35 years of my life solving water problems, reducing energy consumption, recycling toxic material, reducing pollution and  helping industry make better products. My colleagues, the people I work with, likewise have similar backgrounds. All of them, if asked questions about science will not only quote you textbook principles, but share experiences of how their journey with science, like mine, has been hands-on.

Ask us about “what studies we have done, what papers we have published or what grants we have secured”, we will answer “zero”.  However, if you ask the politician, activist, or politician what scientific training and real world environmental problems they have solved, they will answer, “zero”.

So, imagine now how angered people like me, real captains of science get when we are told by these same untrained, unaccomplished people “well, here is what the experts say?” Would you take the advice of a reporter or politician about you heart or eye surgery? Of course not. Yet when it comes to matters of the environment, many Americans take advice from these same scientifically uneducated nincompoops.

Neil DeGrasse Tyson - Armchair Scientist
Armchair Scientist Neil

Can someone answer me, by what qualifications can Al Gore determine if a college professor or group of professors know what they are talking about? Consensus? Sorry, science is not driven the same way that elections or American Idol outcomes are determined. Science cares nothing about majority opinion. And remember, majority opinion once was that Thalidomide® was safe for pregnant women; Asbestos® was safe to breathe; DDT® and Glyphosate® were safe to spray. At least that is what the media and politicians who supposedly protect us allowed to be told.

Science should never be publicly discussed by a politician, reporter or activist, for in general none of them have training, education, or hands-on experience to know what is and what is not true. Our health, safety and well being are compromised any time we get our science from nincompoops. Scientific conversations should be conducted only by men and women of science, and no scientifically-supported point of view should ever be squashed from reaching the public’s ears. Today, science is only distributed that satisfied political and economic agendas. This is dangerous.

I am going to leave you with some indefatigable, scientifically irrefutable scientific axioms that will no doubt raise anger, but over time, just as the truth has emerged on the products I mentioned, time, perhaps after my time is done will also prove these things out:

Problem Solver
  • Anthropogenic Climate Change is a hoax. It defies the fixed Laws Of Science and is an impossibility
  • Windmill technology raises the temperature of the earth
  • The manufacturing of solar panels is absolutely filthy and destructive to our water, air and land
  • There is no such thing as clean energy production. All energy technology generates similar amounts of pollution
  • The World’s Space programs are causing debris and pollution that is jeopardizing the future of GPS and cell operation

I promise you, the majority of politicians, reporters and college professors will raise objection to this. I also promise you that if they had the courage to entertain open, uninterrupted scientific debate on these topics, for once the world would begin to understand the science that shapes our existence.






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