More Climate Change Stupidity

Let me make this clear again. If you are a colleague of mine, if you are a family member, if you are a NASA scientist, if you are an activist, if you are a college professor, if you fit in any other category of description and you believe that Anthropogenic Climate Change is anything more than something to keep village idiots occupied, then you indeed are a village idiot.

Let me repeat. If you believe in Anthropogenic Climate Change, you are a village idiot.

“But Tom, I can show you the science”. No, what you can show me is observations. Observations are not science. Science is what people use to explain observations. What you can show me is that not only are you a village idiot, but also that you are self-drunk thinking that you are a leader and part of the team to save the planet. What you can show me, in essence, is that you are a blowhard. From this moment on when I use the word blowhard or the phrase village idiot I want everyone to understand that I am speaking about Climate Change fantasizers

The village idiot points to drought and water shortages as proof that CO2 induced Climate change is real. But it isn’t. It is only proof that we are having drought and water shortages. The theory that CO2 caused this is no more valid than claiming there were more than one JFK assassins. Conjecture, nothing more.

  • There were times on Earth where CO2 levels were higher than they are now, but the Earth was Cool
  • There are countless days and months in the past 50 years that were warmer than those today.
  • None of the other known effects of CO2 are happening. No loss of horsepower, shortness of breath, elevated heartrate and more.

Are you aware that the US government agrees with me in saying that the current drought situation is not only mild, but it has been very short term, and is absolutely normal? It’s true. At you can learn that severe drought is a normal part of our climate. You can learn that we have had far worse droughts than the current dry spell when CO2 levels were at historic lows. And just what qualifications do these folks have who dare to tell us drought is normal and not due to climate change? D’uh the NOAA! You know, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association. The same guys who, in other publications are saying that drought is a result of climate change.

So who are we to believe? The NOAA or the NOAA? Or should we believe Bill Gates, Al Gore, Michael Moore and the National Association of Street Pimps and Climatology? It really doesn’t matter. If you believe that man can in any way affect the Earth, you are a village idiot of the first magnitude.


If you are a corporate type I am probably rubbing you the wrong way. Ya? For sure my style is not one that adheres to the decorum found in high, holy places of the water, climate and science industries. But that’s okay with me because I really have had my fill of watching science bastardized because of political and social agenda.

I honestly don’t mind being at war, in fact, those who know me and have worked with me will tell you, I am happiest when I am at war,  especially if my opponents are buffoons. So, buffoons assemble. No more climate horse manure.


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