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I am proud to brag, and humbly accept recognition as one of the top innovative water technology companies in the State of Tennessee by FUTUROLOGY.LIFE (FI). FI is dedicated to promoting the newest, most promising technology companies all across our modern lives. In my case of course they were searching for relevant water technology. However, as you look at their website and work, you will see that the companies they review and analyze run the gamut of modern life to include such crucial disciplines as Oil and Gas, Mining, Power Generation and more.

Guided by the heavy-hitting UK Media group, Futurology brings technology innovation to the world from an entirely different perspective than anything I have personally seen. What you don’t find across this platform are puffed up executive types promising to save the world with their new technology, but instead you will find innovative thinkers, developers, scientists, and even financiers who have real-world experience with the technologies they feature. What is even more awe inspiring is that the platform does not block competing ideas, questions and joint problem solving conversations. It is truly a place where creativity is nurtured.

Futurology is truly a goodwill ambassador and facilitator of open minded thinking and creativity as it applies to improving life now, and in the future. I am very honored to be recognized by these folks. Please check them out, and stay tuned for our new look site and YouTube channel.



19 Most Innovative Tennessee Based Water Purification Companies & Startups

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