My Message For World Water Day

Friday, March 22, 2019, is/was World Water Day. I thought about a lot of things water related today. I thought about drought, climate change, conservation, contamination, aging infrastructure, poisoned water supplies, dying aquifers, people who capitalize selling scams designed as pure water products, wastewater, contaminated beaches, the beautiful oceans, our lakes, and streams, and I thought about how uncomparable a glass of ice water tastes when I am really hot and thirsty

I also thought about the millions of people worldwide who don’t have clean, safe drinking water, and then I thought about how we only seem to spring into action for our water when we turn on the tap and water either doesn’t come out or what does come out is not suitable to drink. As I thought about all these things, I gained clarity on what I want to say to all of you on this day.