My Newest Reverse Osmosis Instalation – Day 1

To my friends and readers, this is an example of how I earn my living. Before you is the day one installation of a 40 gallon-per-minute Reverse Osmosis System designed for the food industry. We have a few tricks that enabled me to put my size 14 into the ass of my former employers Culligan, Evoqua (Siemens) and Envirogen. Smaller footprint, 25% less energy consumption, a 91% water efficiency versus 75% from the big, dumb, slow, MBA-driven water companies.

Now, I admit it, I am one ego-driven bastard, and I like to win. I made the big guys a lot of money over the years, now I am taking money from them while simultaneously giving customers in the Mid-South better water products, better service, and a hell of a lot more fun along the way.

More than putting in water systems, of which, I am the undisputed king, I like making people, my customers happy. Over the years, I pissed off a lot of managers and bosses who basically didn’t even know that water was wet. But my customers? I have folks who bought water systems off of me 30 years ago, that not only followed me as I switched companies, but still talk to me today, even if they don’t need a water solution.

Water is precious, and for me, the noblest calling I have ever had is the call of someone who asked me to fix their water. Today, during day one of this installation, my customer asked me if they could make a modification to the distribution system. In addition, we discovered that a part for one of our components was left off the delivery. With a hand sketch, and 15 minutes, we approved the modification, and 1 phone-call, we got the missing part on its way to us.

Had I worked for one of the big jerkoffs, I would have had to have meetings with people who really never worked in water before, and then be forced to go through enough mental masturbation to delayed the installation, add costs, and anger the customer. So here is the takeaway; The water industry is a service business. It is a business that requires the person in front of the customer to be empowered to deliver whatever the customer needs. Since the formation of Dick Heckman’s US Filter, the US Water Industry has grown less and less about providing water delights, and more about saving face and jobs for a bunch of non-water-skilled jackasses.

So, there you have it. Some chest-thumping, bragging, soap-box lecturing, but most of all, a customer who is tickled pink. You see, that’s what I do. because I am after all;