My puppy – Raising money to help canine cancer patients.

Please excuse this departure from our water crusade. I would like to introduce you to a very special guy, one of my dogs. He is a fighter and a lover.

Hello water lovers, my name is Brutus, I was adopted by my Mom, Cathy, and my Dad,Tommy, when I was 9 weeks old. I was first rescued off the street on a dark, cold, rainy day in Downtown Memphis. I had nothing and I was afraid and shivering. I was found by two angels named Kerry Guest and Barb Standing. I was only about 5 weeks old. The girls took me to the vet and then handed me over to another Memphis angel named Julie Ray to find a home for me. That’s when my Mom and Dad came to my rescue. I am the luckiest dog in the world. I’ve survived lymphoma twice and have been in remission now for three years. I owe my life to my Mom and Dad, and to the wonderful team at Memphis Veterinary Specialists. My oncologist Dr. Lorin Hillman not only healed me, but she also healed my mom’s broken heart when she thought she would lose me. I am as soft and cuddly as I look in my pictures. Please help me raise money for canine cancer awareness! Every little bit helps, and doggies, like peoples, should all have angels like I have.

Thank you so much for letting impose on your reading. Woof Woof, Woofity Woof!


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