Nature About To Expose Fauci The Fraud – Be Attentive!

By forcing us all to wear masks, Anthony Fauci has painted himself into a corner into which he will soon be the target of merciless evisceration and exposure as a failure. There are two things he is noted for that will ultimately be his downfall.

  • He is on record saying that masks will slow/tame the virus
  • He has pressured America into mask mandates and has eliminated public gatherings

Be very clear, his precautions have been for naught and America is now at the point that new Covid-19 cases, thank God, are about spiral out of control. Am I crazy for saying this? No, I am not crazy, but instead, as you will see in the coming days, scientifically astute. We must get infected to be protected.

Every virology journal ever written describes that viruses and bacteria all multiply exponentially. What that means is that during each incubation time period the number of organisms doubles. That means if we start with one, and the incubation time is x hours, each time that many hours pass the virus doubles in count; 1,2,4,8,16, and so on it goes. Viruses multiply anywhere between every 8 – 72 hours.


In the early stages of contamination, preventative measures are really not effective because there is not enough of the population and environment infected to even know where to isolate. However, as time goes by, the doubling process of microorganisms starts to grow by ever bigger numbers, Doubling 2 to 4 to 8 is no big deal. But very quickly the numbers reach 256K > 512K > 1,024,000 etc, and the growth then becomes what is known as exponential, or, uncontrollable.

America is now at the critical point of multiplication; the breakaway point where there is no going back. Nature, as it always does, will slap man in the face and this virus will grow out of control. No amount of masks or shutdowns will stop the inevitable. To think otherwise is to be a self-important buffoon. 75% of us are going to get Covid-19. I promise you, Mother Nature is about to wipe her bottom with our masks, and more importantly, with Anthony Fauci.

It will be interesting to see how Fauci and the “experts” tap dance around what is about to happen. The President has let Fauci have his way. He has done nothing to hinder this asinine fetish of face masks and has given the good Doctor enough rope to hang himself. I can’t wait to hear Fauci’s next load of bullschnitzle in which he will assure us; “Masks work, but the increased infection rate means that this virus is different and we are still learning”. I also expect to see him eventually backing away from his mask nonsense as its failure is exposed to all.

There is nothing different about this organism. What is different is that instead of protecting our most vulnerable, stressing sleep, vitamins, good food and hygiene, Fauci thought he could take on Mother Nature.


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