Today I am celebrating an RO sale, design, and installation that I am very proud of. This RO was installed at a large chemical company here in the Memphis area. The unit features a 100 hp pump/motor combination, 90 @ 8″ membranes,  PLC controller and HMI interface It is capable of producing up to 450 gallons per minute but for this application, it will run at 400 gpm.

So lookie here peeps, don’t make a huge mistake! If you are considering a new RO from General Electric, Culligan, Veolia, Envirogen, Naclo or anyone else, do yourselves a favor, come talk to me. I’ll give you more bang for the buck, far better service, and a design that puts everyone else to shame. Not only that, I am funny as hell and will sell you what you need. The other guys? They will sell you what they are told to move.

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