New PFAS Regulations Will Result in More PFAS Contamination

I think this is the last time I will illuminate that PFAS stands for per-fluoro-alkyl-substances. Surely everyone is now aware of this water demon. What is about to happen with this contaminant however is yet another example of what happens when politicians, universities, and activists get involved with our water. Pure chaos, and a confusion that I like to call mental masturbation quickly ensue.

Various government entities are now busy coming up with new maximum PFAS contaminant levels for our drinking water. As if throwing a new restriction into the EPA Safe Drinking Water standards are going to accomplish anything? Remember, 75-million Americans drank poisoned water in 2022, and over 1,000 municipalities failed to meet the aforementioned safe drinking water standards. What the hell good is a water quality restriction if the technology to achieve it does not exist? This is akin to maintaining there is a speed limit on an open desert highway when there are no police officers within 100 miles to enforce it.

As we speak, there is no practical technology available to destroy PFAS. Some municipalities, with more modern technologies such as Reverse Osmosis can indeed remove the chemicals from their drinking water, but the concentrated PFAS left behind will then be a waste that is exponentially more dangerous and difficult to dispose of than what was in the tap water to begin with. The key issue we must address is, “how do we economically and readily destroy these contaminants?”

Our deadly obstacle continues to be that we have failed to invest in new water infrastructure. We are financially too far behind to bring our water plants into the 21st century. The 50-billion dollar Bipartisan Water Infrastructure Bill recently signed into law by President Biden is a great tool for elected officials to win votes, but it is woefully short of the trillions of dollars needed to provide proper water treatment to Americans.

I will state again for the 10-to-the-100th power time, “the only path to safe water today, is to become educated about water and employ proper filtration technology where it can truly guarantee safe water; at the point-of-use, in our homes.”  Whether one calls my next statement shameless self-promotion or not, the only source of knowledge for how to achieve safe drinking water, is in my book. I invite you to click and have a look.


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