Okay, I admit it. his post may involve a wee bit of shameless self-promotion involved, however as Walt Whitman wrote, “If you done it, it ain’t braggin”. That said, here we go.

I am proud to introduce you to my latest creation and installation, a brand new 40 gallon-per-minute RO System that will be installed into a new Memphis food plant that still remains under wraps. Fed by a 36″ Water Softener, and 36″ Carbon unit, the WG40 system features can be controlled remotely by Bluetooth/modem and offers a proprietary program that will automatically adjust the system flow parameters along time, as the RO membranes naturally and gradually foul. This allows us to clean the membranes far in advance of competitive systems that simply clean on pre-determined, random schedules. This design has provided 11-year membrane life on several systems that I have installed. This pulverizes the competition who struggles to attain 3-year membrane life. I will provide more details once this puppy is installed, started-up and buzzing.

One of the nicest things about installing a new RO system is that it generally also means that new jobs will be created along with the new capacity.

Spring has been busy at WITNG. In addition to launching Glanris, a new, water filtration media technology company, I have closed on several impressive water projects, including;

  • New 400 gom RO for a chemical plant
  • New, 1,000 cubic ft. ion exchange resin sale
  • New Duplex 275 gpm water softeners
  • 6 new 14″ Deionized Water bottle accounts
  • RO Service Contract

So, if you are in the market for a medical. municipal, or industrial water system? First call Evoqua, Culligan, GE, or Nalco. Then call me and you can throw their bloated, out-dated, over-priced pile of junk proposals out the window and buy the real deal. Remember, I have single-handedly sold more RO capacity (2,000 pgm+ and counting) in the Memphis/Tri-State than any other sales engineer or water treatment company.



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