New Water Jobs For Memphis – How About Your Town?


With regards to my career I have a few key issues that drive most of what I do. For 30 years now, providing water purification and waste-water solutions to industry has been high on my list. Contributing to solving the global water crisis, in whatever small way I can is also important to me. I have also taken great comfort in being able to provide education and guidance to those with questions and concerns about their personal drinking water situation.901x

One of the newest causes that I have accepted into my life is to help communities ease their unemployment woes by attracting water-related jobs to their community. Here in Memphis I am immersed in several community projects, as well as some personal ones that are now well on their way to bringing some new jobs to town. The good news for America is that there are other areas where great water quality can attract new manufacturing and technical jobs.

The challenge however, is that when the average individual hears the phrase water-jobs, the only images that usually come to mind are things like bottled water. What doesn’t readily come to mind are things like textile, electronics, chemical, food, beverage, and many other such industries that thirst not for just availability of water, but also high quality input water. There is a great need for public education regarding water.

With that said, I want give an update of one such project I am working on, and a sneak peak of an exciting new one I have recently taken partnership in.

901X –  Elsewhere in this blog you can search for and find some details about this new filtration product I am partnered in. The new jobs and commerce this product will create will be impressive. 901X is a filtration media that is made from an agricultural by product that is currently being thrown away, or given away by farmers all across the globe. Because 901X has applications in drinking water, home filtration, industrial water purification, environmental remediation, and even medicine, we conservatively estimate the yearly market for 901X to be $400 – $500 million dollars, not counting the new revenue stream provided to the farmers who will be also blessed with a new revenue stream.

Mobile Deionization Comes To Memphis

Mobile Deionization – While I am not at liberty to share too much at the moment, I would like to share some details of an industrial water purification business initiative that I have been assigned to help launch. Mobile Deionization (MODI) is a technology in which portable, fixed capacity water filtration systems are actually installed inside a tractor trailer. Normally intended for emergency and temporary water needs, the MODI unit is delivered to a customer and hooked up to provide purified/filtered water during the time of need. Each unit has a fixed capacity and if more water is needed, the exhausted trailer has to be replaced with a fresh trailer, and the exhausted trailer then gets sent back to be recharged.

The quality of water in Memphis, along with its centralized location for transportation makes establishing a MODI center in the city a potential economic juggernaut. The cost of regenerating a MODI unit is critical, and in Memphis the unit cost can be reduced 3 to 10 fold over competitive regeneration plants. Not only that, using high quality regenerant water also consumes less volume of water and creates less chemical waste, so it is good for the environment as well as for creating new jobs. As things unfold, I will share more, including some photos and success stories.