Norwegian Cruise Line Ship, Joy – Joyous Water – Drink, Splash And Enjoy!

Over the years I have installed and visited many of the world’s most amazing water purification systems. St. Jude’s, Baxter, The US Army and Navy, Carnegie Mellon, TVA nuclear power plants, Frito Lay, Coke, Pepsi and many more. I can honestly say I have never been more impressed by a water system than I was with the water system and staff of the NCL ship Joy.

Chief Engineer Ionnis Karloutsos graciously granted me the professional courtesy of a tour of the water system, which was given to me by Svetoslav Svetoslavov and Francisco Omolon. Our concierge on this Alaskan cruise was a delightful woman named Ayelen Carunchio who arranged the tour as well as every other special aspect of our excursion.

Rather than bore you with one of my technical novels, I will tell you this; the ship has 5 seawater Reverse Osmosis systems, a gorgeous evaporator, chlorine injection to keep bugs out, sand filters and mineral injection to make the water tasty and healthy. Remembering that NCL ships make their water starting with pristine, non-polluted waters from places like Alaska, The Bahamas, and Belize, it is important to realize just how great the source water is.

I promise you this, the combination of technology and staff expertise on NCL ships provides water that rivals and exceeds the very best bottled and tap water you and I will find anywhere in the world. Is NCL water safe? “Shiver me timbers” it is more than just safe, it is delicious, reliable and stable.

The icings on the cake? Not only do the crystal-clear NCL ice cubes hint at how good this water is, but I used it in my CPAP machine and there were no mineral deposits in my reservoir the following morning.