Our Government – Water’s Biggest Threat

Governor Jerry Brown, “a man of the people”, involved in the shaping of California for multiple decades, had to release billions of gallons of water out of the Folsom Reservoir because drought stressed California, an area known for infrequent rains, did not have enough storage capacity to capitalize and store the trillions of gallons of new fresh water that the melting of abundant winter snows brought to the State.

Isn’t it funny how we will build pipelines to bring oil great distances, but with the oceans full of life-saving-water, nobody in government ever thought to begin building pipelines to bring water access to our beautiful, fire-vulnerable Western woodlands?

People in Flint Michigan are still without a permanent solution to the poisoned water they are faced with. Our water infrastructure is aging and countless US municipal water systems have reported unsafe water excursions and boiling alerts are becoming more common. Documents such as the WWF freshwater report demonstrate our declining and degrading sources of fresh water.

There is no life without water and we know our water is being threatened. Doesn’t it comfort you to know that with this emerging threat to our health and livelihood our government is busy fighting for things like the voting rights of illegal aliens and the right of a man to go into a women’s restroom? Oh yes, and don’t forget Russia! God knows we are laying awake nights worrying about that threat.

Activism, you say? Shame on us for electing and supporting politicians who do nothing but instigate childish catfights. When will government develop a plan to make our water sustainable?