Fraud? Water Tricks? You tell me!

Recently, I saw a video on Facebook from a person identified as Cathy Thomas. In the video, the moderator demonstrated supposedly normal bottled water that they claimed was purchased at Walmart under the Trade name “Arrowhead Water”. In the video, seemingly normal bottled water is poured out and right before your very eyes changes physical state into something the moderator and a woman assistant call things like gel, and plastic-like.…

Boiling water to make it safe – Part 6 – The Finale

I will be moving on to a series about water purity, and later on when I delve into distillation we will revisit a little bit about boiling water. I hope that you found this series entertaining. As always I cherish and invite any questions about water that pop into your brain. In the meantime, I will leave you with one final scientific fact and physical property about water.

Boiling water to make it safe – Part 5

So, we talked about how boiling water can make it safer to drink. But did you know that boiling water can actually make your water not safe to drink? It may seem silly, and in all honesty the possibility of you harming yourself by drinking water that has been boiled is low, but, it can happen, and it is something everyone should understand.