Sneek Peek

One of my favorite things to do is to refurbish and revitalize old equipment that has been cast off as being useless. The enclosed picture shows me with a copper, 1856 dated Fistoorka up-flow sand filter, that I am proud to say I brought back to original specifications. Check out the crazy control panel that I built for this thing. Ok, you caught me, that things is just a prop…


The popularity of bottled water has caused more than one person to wonder, even worry about just how safe these products are. As the weeks progress we will be talking more about water purity, water contamination, and at some point, I will probably present a post with a graphic representation of what exactly a bottling plant does to the water it bottles.

What’s in YOUR Water? Part 4 – Bottled Water!

Bottled drinking water is very soon expected to be the number one selling beverage in the world. the popularity of bottled water is based on several factors, the most powerful ones being: municipal provider Distrust of the local, municipal utility/ water provider. Fear of environmental pollution Convenience Taste Perceived health benefit