Personal Neighborhood Drinking Water Systems

Skepticism about municipal/government-operated water system is growing. As more people flock to home water purification systems, questions are beginning to arise about the practicality of individual neighborhoods and smaller towns building their own water treatment plants.WATERING LAWN 2

Could an efficient water-treatment plant be built for say, a 25 home, 100 resident community that would provide safe, inexpensive drinking water to the homeowners? Well, yes, and no. From an operational standpoint, the answer is yes. However there are some caveats:

  • The initial investment would easily reach $500,000 not counting the construction of a building, and a piping network. With engineering costs, a $2 million price tag would not be out of the question
  • The system would require at least an 8 -hour per day maintenance worker, preferably 24 hour attention
  • The EPA regulates any system that has 15 connections and/or serves 25 people or more. There would be extensive lab work and reporting involved
  • Finding trained operators who also lived in the community would be a monumental challenge
  • An available raw water supply would be needed
  • Provisions would have to be made for emergency back-up in event of system down-time. Municipal tie-ins might be difficult to negotiate
  • Liability insurance would be a nightmare to figure out.

CONCLUSION? – Unless you have more time and money than you know what to do with, trust your local water authority.