President Trump Versus California – More Water Lies

Recently President Trump has suggested imposing EPA sanctions on the State of California and in particular cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles where human defecation, used needles, and other debris in the street has grown to epidemic proportions. California has pushed back suggesting the President leave this issue to State and Local government, making the point that their waste treatment technology can more than handle the human waste.

So what is the truth? Who is lying? Let’s look at the science, and then you can decide for yourself.

To begin with, let us make the distinction between the two different types of sewers we have in our towns. The sanitary sewer is designed to take toilet flushes, shower and sink water and garbage disposal water into the water treatment facility. This system is an enclosed piping network within which water is constantly flowing. These sewers are open to air only in our homes and businesses, This venting prevents a vacuum from forming and allows water to flow freely. There is always water flowing through the sanitary sewer. Conversely, the storm sewer is not contained, not enclosed and only flows to the treatment plant when there is rainwater rushing into the drains. Much of the time there is no water flowing through our storm sewers.

Armed with sewer knowledge let’s now examine President Trump versus California as it pertains to the ever increasing public defecation in the streets.

  1. As long as there has been a CDC and EPA we have been warned and cautioned that feces and other organic debris such a food waste, urine, blood and trash must not be allowed to enter our sanitary sewers.
  2. City treatment plants and sewer systems were never designed to accept massive amounts feces and needles. Without a doubt these contaminants being allowed into our storm-water systems will cause harmful and toxic contaminants to be dumped into our drinking water sources. Many beaches in California beaches are routinely closed due to contamination from human feces.
  3. Much of the feces and other waste products does not make it to the treatment plant but instead builds up or simply stays in the sewer once the rain stops and the sewer flow ceases. These materials produce airborne toxins that regularly rise up through the sewer openings/gratings and are breathed in as part of our air.
  4. There are many leaks throughout all the nations’ storm sewer systems and a good deal of the water running through the system leaks into our soil then into our lakes, rivers and streams. Human feces does not belong in our storm drains.

What hypocrisy it is that activists will readily rise up against a corporation for even the slightest hint of pollution, yet Californians have no problem with the streets and sewer systems being overloaded with human feces, used needles and God only knows what else? This, from citizens who are supposedly more environmentally conscious than the rest of America.

Politics has no place in our drinking water. The President is absolutely justified to drop the full weight of the EPA, CDC, and Army Corps Of Engineers on California and frankly, the leaders who allowed this situation to develop are criminals. This is one of the most horrific water stories ever. The links below should make you outraged. Obama said he stood for clean water. Really? This mess happened on his watch. We should be thankful someone has finally said, “enough”.