I am excited to announce that Glanris, now fully operational, is accepting and shipping orders for our 901XG line of media. This media is designed for industrial, environmental and municipal waste-water applications. Very soon we will be releasing our 901XD line of media that will be placed into drinking water applications. Also of importance is our announcement that Glanris has recieved US patent recognition and protection for our products.

In past posts I have shared some general points, advantages and features of our media while not really boasting or promoting the actual benefits of what our media does. Now that we are actually in the market place, I am free to share more.

Water Purification is a complex process that depends on science, technology, economics, engineering and to a great extent trade secrets. Like any business, water technology providers want to help others with their water challenges, but at the same time, corporate guidelines often find companies treating water only with the technology that is proprietary to them. As a result, at times the actual solution of a water problem gets delayed, not totally treated, or even put on the back burner because of these business/commerce-related issues.

The good news is that Glanris is about to turn the water technology market upside down. First off, Glanris media is a water tool that all suppliers of purification technology can have at their disposal, for the mere asking. Next, our media is thunderously inexpensive. All of a sudden water sources that were too expensive to treat can be done so economically. Making the pie even sweeter is that our raw material, rice husks, exist in an abundance that is far greater than our need will ever be. This means that the price of Glanris media will remain economical and stable for the long haul. It also means that we can bring water to the poorest people on earth. And if you want to know just exactly how good our product is? Take a close look at the lab graphic above. We took raw sewage and passed it through each, activated carbon, a Brita filter, and 901X. So you tell me how we compare.

Our media is compatible with existing equipment and compared to technologies such as Granular Activated Carbon or Ion Exchange, Glanris can very often remove toxic material much faster and more economically while minimizing the waste that goes to landfill. Some of the contaminants that we do a spectacular job of removing are:

  • Copper
  • Lead
  • Aluminum
  • Silver
  • Nickel
  • Zinc
  • Cadmium, Cobalt and even Radioactivity
  • MTBE and other problematic solvents (Organic Chemicals)
  • PFAS
  • Oil and Grease






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