Product Developments

Every once in awhile I like to give updates on the water products portion of my business. Today I am proud to announce several developments that have me excited about my company’s water prospects for 2017.

  • Mobile Water Purification Services – Through an agreement with Veolia Water, Water Is The New Gold (WITNG) will be developing the mobile water purification market with the beginnings of a new, and soon to be growing fleet of Deionized Water Trailers (MODI). The trailers serve most commonly as temporary service for companies that are either repairing their existing equipment or experiencing high temporary demand. While applicable to many different manufacturers,the industries most likely to use MODI are Chemical/Petrochemical, Refinery, Paper and Pulp, Power Generation, and Automotive. The trailer fleet is now located in Memphis, TN, and this venture represents the first time the Mid-South will serve as a MODI hub.
  • Reverse Osmosis Cleaning Services – Another first in the Mid-South. Reverse Osmosis membranes are very expensive and are subject to plugging and scaling, both of which can cause premature failure. WITNG is now the premium provider of membrane cleaning and diagnostic services, worldwide. We offer cleaning and diagnostics for both 4″ and 8″ diameter membranes. Out typical turnaround time is in all cases quicker than the competition, often with same-week turnaround. Our pricing is typically 30 -40% less, with very competitive shipping rates.

  • Under-The-Sink High Purity Deionization – All across the world in hospitals, labs, and manufacturing plants, hidden under the counter-tops, packed tightly under the sink are small, portable exchange tank deionizer tanks designer to deliver pure water for various analytical and glass rinsing applications. The advantage of these systems is that they are readily available from local vendors, they don’t require a lot of capital expenditure, and they produce relatively high purity water. The disadvantages are that they require a service technician to bring new tanks and make the exchange’ because they are installed out of sight, leaks can go undetected, damaging expensive equipment located in labs on lower floors. To the rescue, I have introduced a new disposable deionization cartridge that is of a substantial enough size to be economically competitive, while offering the advantage of being wall-mounted, simple-to-operate, and totally user serviceable. In addition, traditional systems require a filter on the outlet to trap bacteria and resin from the tank should a mechanical failure happen. The WITNG cartridges are actually contained by a membrane winding that eliminates the need for expensive post-filtration.
  • 901-X – Awhile back, on this very blog I introduced the development of a new water filtration media that I am helping develop and launch in conjunction with a prominent Tennessee University. Our patent search revealed that there are no current conflicting patents. What we are developing is not only revolutionary, but it truly is like nothing currently on the market. 901-X provides opportunity to remove toxic metals from industrial waste, oil and organics from environmental spills, lead from drinking water systems, and it removes chlorine and sediment opening up many filtration applications including Reverse Osmosis pretreatment and general filtration. And, if that isn’t enough, the raw material for 901-X is a burgeoning new market for farmers who have an abundance of this material, but currently dispose of it because it has little value.


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