Reader Questions for August 2020

Will UV light kill Coliform bacteria in my drinking water?

  • UV does not kill any bacteria. Instead, it attacks the mitochondria of bacteria causing the inability to reproduce and make energy out of food. MORE ON UV LIGHT

Is Kirkland Bottled Water as good as the major brands?

  • All mainstream commercially available bottled water is safe and of high quality. In fact, the actual chemistry of the water and the process that produces it are for the most part identical. This is also the identical process employed on the ships of major cruise lines. MORE ON BOTTLED WATER

How is Demineralized Water Produced?

  • Mixed bed resin is merely a mixture of cation resin and anion resin. Cation (cat – ion) resin is charged/regenerated with acid and exchanges a proton, also called a hydrogen ion (H+) for each positively charged metal (Lead, Copper, Zinc, etc.) that it comes into contact with. Anion (An – ion) resin is charged/regenerated with Sodium Hydroxide and exchanges a hydroxyl ion (OH-) for each negatively charged salt (sulfate, sulfide, chloride) that it comes into contact with. Charged particles are removed from the water and in their place (H+) and (OH-) result. What is left is H2O.