Reader Questions For The Month Of May

My apologies for the lack of activity this past week. Activities associated with Launching Glanris has been consuming a lot of my time. So, I thought I would post some answers to reader questions to get the ball rolling.

Is it better to drink RO water than tap water? Unless your tap water is contaminated, there is no health benefit any type of water has over another. Water is water.

How does RO regulate the output level of Total Dissolved Solids? RO membranes have no ability to regulate TDS. They have mechanical and physical properties that cause the specific percentage of removal of dissolved solids. For the most part that percentage removal is fixed.

How available are the vitamins and minerals in specialty bottled water? They are just as available as the minerals in your food. In general, however, man does not consume enough water to benefit nutritionally from it.

Is Chloronation, Ozonation or UV light best for removing bacteria from water? Actually, none of these technologies remove bacteria. Chlorine and Ozone kill bacteria. UV light stops them from reproducing. However, with these treatments, the dead bacteria remain in your water and can actually case worse drinking water problems. Removing bacteria requires a filter with a pore size of 0.2 microns or smaller.

How does Hydrogen infused water improve one’s health? It doesn’t. There is no credible scientific study that demonstrates a benefit from drinking such a water product. The pH of our stomach ranges between 1.5 and 3.0. This is an extremely acidic environment. Acid is described by chemistry as the presence of hydrogen ions, also called protons. Our stomach is already proliferated with hydrogen and the idea that infusing hydrogen gas into water will provide health benefits is nonsensical.


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