Science to make you mad!

For all you science buffs who love the discussions about Time, Life, Infinity, Death, Planets, Earth and Little Green Men, here are some fire starters.

  • Gravity has never been proven, and we have a bastardization of theories from Newton, Einstein and a few others, but we don’t have any iron clad equations that are infallible across nature. For instance, in large equations, as in astronomical dimensions, the theories of gravity fall apart. Likewise, in Quantum Physics, the theories of gravity also fall apart. The layman thinks that what happens when you jump off a building is proof that gravity exists. It is not. It is proof of one property of nature, but not proof that gravity exists.

For those who believe CO² has increased 50 ppm and is causing climate change, can you answer any of these? (I do believe the climate is changing, but find CO² blaming to be errant)

  • CO² elevates man’s heart rate. Why can science not demonstrate this part of  CO² behavior? Why are our heart rates not increasing?
  • CO² depletes combustion engines of horsepower and efficiency. Why can science not demonstrate this part of CO² behavior?
  • CO² extinguishes fires. If CO² has increased 50 ppm, why are not forest and house fires easier to put out, and on the decline?

For those who believe wind technology is green, I have a couple questions:

  • Wind is not infinite. Wind cools the planet. Wind reforests the planet which cools the planet. Turning a Turbine generates heat and reduces wind flow. Wind technology requires the mining of copper, cadmium, lead, nickel and other metals. Mining that is done with gas burning machines. Mining that rips into the Earth and pollutes our water. Explain to me how this is cleaner and less warming than fossil fuels?

For those who believe in the Big Bang Theory. That the Universe and life emanated from a whopping pile of nothing. Explain to me:

  • The Laws of Thermodynamics, which have been upheld without exception in all science tell us that matter and energy can not be created nor destroyed. How did nothing become something?
  • NASA claims that when a star dies, it expands, then gets so heavy that is collapses on a point, and becomes a black hole. So how then could the universe form because a big primordial mass collapsed onto a point and exploded, but when a massive star does the same thing, a black hole is created. Which is it? Can’t have it both ways.

Okie Dokie. I am going to sit back and watch folks get mad at me. Should be fun.


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