Shutdown Creates Covid-19! Water Contamination!

Within the confines of this blog are numerous articles about the dangers of drinking non-chlorinated water. Science textbooks likewise are full of documentation about the need to keep drinking water chlorinated. So accepted is the need for chlorine in drinking water that the EPA, WHO and CDC all mandate that municipal drinking water contain a safe, effective level of chlorine.




Now, it is no secret that I believe Anthony Fauci, The World Health Organization, and The CDC  have been failures, and in my eyes, virtual nincompoops in their handling of the Covid-19 situation. This article provides another example of how poorly equipped these people are.

The links listed above clearly demonstrate that all the experts agree; drinking water must have a disinfecting agent in it, and a combination of chlorine and chloramine is the most practical treatment available. So, the “experts” and I are in concert on this. Unfortunately, the next bit of scientific information demonstrates clearly that these “experts” are in over their head in keeping Americans safe, and that they need outside expertise to help them.

In their zeal to shut America down, the “experts” have closed down countless schools, businesses, institutions and public buildings. While those buildings have been shut down, there has been no water flow through the piping systems. When water is stagnant, when it does not have a disinfectant in it, bacteria, viruses, algae, fungi, and other toxic organisms will freely grow in the water and severely contaminate the piping network. In this case, Covid-19 is a concern.

The “experts” seem to have forgotten that as water sits stagnant, even in pipes, storage tanks and hot water tanks, the chlorine level rapidly decreases, creating an ever-decreasing resistance to organism growth.

Many building maintenance programs already have programs in place to flush lines after periods of low usage, however, in this period of low usage we have a defined pathogen threatening us and we require a higher standard of care. Accordingly, a routine flush may not be thorough enough to protect the public once the buildings open back up. The water systems for any building that have not been in use during this shutdown should be cleaned and sanitized aggressively before being returned to service.

I believe such sanitization procedures should be paid for by the appropriate government that shut the buildings down in the first place. For sure, the “experts” should have already shared this information with the public.

In the next article, I will share an effective sanitization and start up procedure that will help deliver safe drinking water once these buildings are again opened up.