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I am proud to announce the latest Water Is The New Gold RO installation. I can’t show much as the equipment is just arriving, but I will be posting updates as I unpack, prepare, install and start the unit up.

I can tell you that it is a WITNG design and that we won the order against two of my former employers offering alternative bids. In that regard, please excuse my elation, but I will engage in some frivolous chest pounding and yahoo yells.

I was always sharper than the nincompoops running the companies I worked for, so this, 6 out of 6 wins against past employers looms pretty enjoyable for me.Siemens, Evoqua, GE, all of you………WHO’S YO DADDY?

So, I don’t want to let the cat out of the bag as to who the customer is because they are soon going to have their official launch and press release. I can tell you that it is a new beverage company, that will shortly be adding franchises; all with new WITNG 40 gpm packaged, turnkey RO systems

So, a few trade secrets. 36″ softening and carbon pre-filtration, with the exclusive addition of a 901X (Patent Pending) booster stage in the carbon filter. Nobody can touch our prefiltraion for low Silt Density Index levels and chlorine removal.On Memphis water we will achieve 85% recovery. 

We built a nice 40 gpm RO using 8″ Filmtech Membranes. Sample ports abound, modem data points for remote monitoring, a custom Tommy V full-feature controller, prefiltration media, and gravel acid/caustic washed and rinsed super-clean with DI water, CIP access, and expandability to 100 GPM with only the addition of more membranes, and get this……. Our work Includes installation, start-up, back-up distribution pumps, salt, 3 exchanges of filters, testing kits, manuals and 1 service visit per month. And, we guarantee 95% ionic rejection for 5 years. And all of this, we do for less than $98,000.00, all in.

Seriously, if you are Culligan, Evoqua, GE or any of the other giant ying-yangs, brace yourselves. I’m coming for your lunch. On the other hand, if you are looking to buy an RO system and you are considering any of the big players, trust me, you are going to pay way too much for equipment that really, in 2018 is a commodity.

The difference between the ying-yangs and me? Well, yeah. It’s me.


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