Sneek Peek

Tank FazookOne of my favorite things to do is to refurbish and revitalize old equipment that has been cast off as being useless. The enclosed picture shows me with a copper, 1856 dated Fistoorka up-flow sand filter, that I am proud to say I brought back to original specifications. Check out the crazy control panel that I built for this thing.

Ok, you caught me, that things is just a prop that the Cedar Point amusement park has out front their tavern to represent a real beer vat.

However, I do have some news to give you a peek at.

I have just this week entered into a professional relationship with a Memphis-area university, to produce a new type of activated carbon that will hopefully be effective at pulling out toxic metals such as Copper, Zinc, Nickel and Silver.

Typically these materials can be removed by very expensive methods that require disposal in a hazardous waste facility. Carbon is not typically used for this type of water purification, although one type of carbon, called Bone Char does pull a slight bit of metals out of solution, and sometimes it is enough to help a company meet their EPA discharge limits.

Using a specific type of discarded organic material, we are going to incinerate it, activate it, and see if we can’t do a few tricks to offer the water purification field something new. As I am able, I will release additional details.

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