So Tom, What’s Your Deal? Are You Nuts?

It is safe to say I am not an easy pill to swallow. When it comes to doing the right thing I really don’t give a good gas pass about your decorum, your position, your title, the spirit of your organization, or any other convention. In my career I always put the customer first, even over my employer. In my private life, I always put the guy next to me before myself.

When I am running down the home stretch and the race leader falls and hurts his ankle, I want to be the guy who stops and helps him across the finish line first. I don’t want to be the guy that passes him and celebrates my “greatness”. Sadly, I believe most CEOs, elected officials, investors, and activists are indeed the “hooray for me I won, type”.

Over dinner years ago a former boss of mine named Jim Griebel asked the sales engineers in attendance, “if we could do one thing in the company, what would it be?” I calmly answered, “I would put my foot in your ass”. I didn’t say this to be funny. He asked for my opinion.

Above anything, I believe people should do the right thing. I believe people should always put what is right ahead of what is best for them. I also think that people should speak their mind and not be punished for it.

If you are a CEO type, and investor type, a corporate type, you likely read some of my posts and scratch your head wondering why would a seemingly intelligent and accomplished guy choose to be so bombastic? People wonder, am I like this in person? Do I have a personality disorder? Do I just like to piss people off? I assure you, it is none of that. The answer is simple, I despise bullshit and I abhor the people who peddle it. If you find me to be offensive, then rest assured, you are the problem I speak of.

In my view, most of todays top environmental leaders are incompetent, unqualified, self-important blowhards.

  • California has an abundance of annual rain and snow melt. They failed to build storage for it
  • It will require a solar farm 1.7 x the size of the Earth to reduce US oil consumption 10%
  • Wind generator, reduce cooling air, cooling reforestation, and produce heat
  • The only renewable energy source on Earth are fossil fuels
  • 65 million Americans drank poisoned water last year
  • Lake Mead is drying up because of too many users
  • NSF insists on the safety of their testing, but cannot guarantee safe water
  • Clean energy technology is dirtier than fossil fuels
  • With an abundance of water we still suffer wild fires

And in all of this, not one modern “green-minded” CEO, college professor, or activist is able to refute any of my claims. Their response of course consists of:

  • I can show you the data
  • You are a denier, I can’t waste my time having a debate with you

If there was ever a bigger bag of steaming feces than the collection of Climate Change, Carbon Dioxide, Circular Economy, Green Technology, and Renewables, I have not seen it in my lifetime. Today’s environmental leaders are akin to fast food workers who give medical advice.


-Jesus Christ- Matthew 10:34






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