The question was, “why can you not brown meat by boiling it in water?” The correct answer was submitted by subscriber Tony Donaddio. Tony Wrote “As long as you don’t boil off all of the water in the pot, the hottest the meat will ever get is 212°F (at sea level). Browning of meat typically occurs around 280 to 330 °F (Maillard reaction). Congratulations Tony. Once you e mail me…

Boiling Water to make it safe – Part 4

In Part 3 we talked about the in’s and outs of boiling water to get rid of live organisms. The good news was, boiling kills living water organisms. The bad news, kind of, is that the dead stuff is still in your water, and unless you filter the boiled water, you are going to drink the dead stuff. But what about harmful chemical contaminants? What does boiling do to them?

Boiling Water to make it safe – Part 3

Okay, so in part 2 I kind of digressed into a conversation about distillation.I would like to return to distillation, but lets get back to boiling water for now, and I can finish my thoughts on distillation when we conclude this series. One of the things to think about when boiling water, is that in the case of bacteria, viruses, fungi or algae…….