Sobering Facts Of Water Shortage

A good friend, colleague, and partner just returned from attending the CES Convention (electronics) in Las Vegas. Surprisingly, there was a session about water, to be specific, water shortages. I thought I would share some chilling facts about our precious water. I am going to let the facts speak for themselves. You guys can add your own conclusions.

Do you need Home Water Filtration?

Motivated by a heartfelt parent writing to me with concern for her child’s health risk due to contaminated water I decided to write this article. The reality of modern life is that our water will continue to face increased threats of contamination. Before we panic, however, let’s take a look at the science and commons sense that assures us that we still have a lot of control and protection against contamination.…

National Groundwater Association Convention – Vegas Epilog

Just a brief recap here for those of you interested in groundwater. The NGWA association is the most potent group for promoting and educating on the topic of groundwater. I made some great contacts here for my work with my new corporation, Glanris, but came away with a few things standing out in my mind.