Boiling Water to make it safe – Part 3

Okay, so in part 2 I kind of digressed into a conversation about distillation.I would like to return to distillation, but lets get back to boiling water for now, and I can finish my thoughts on distillation when we conclude this series. One of the things to think about when boiling water, is that in the case of bacteria, viruses, fungi or algae…….

Boiling Water to make it safe – Part 1

Often we wear reports of towns being put on an alert to boil water to make water safe for drinking. There are a whole host of contaminant that can enter our drinking water from time-to-time and depending on where the water comes from, the individual treatment plants, and the surrounding environment and industrial development of an area, some places are more susceptible than others. Let’s take a closer look at…