GLANRIS Has Formed and assumed ownership of 901X! Read All About It

If you have been following my antics, you have no doubt read about the brilliant and exciting new water filtration media that we labeled 901X, as a place-holder name. over the past 18 months I have given glimpses of what this media can do, and today am proud to present to you our new company, GLANRIS. Our website, just a teaser of things to come, is online at GLANRIS.COM.

Water – Danger

I frequently call water the most dangerous substance in the human experience. People pooh-pooh my words and for sure, it is easy to minimize my warnings, open the tap, take a big gulp and reply to me, “ooh, look, I am drinking the most dangerous liquid in the universe”. Of course the citizens of Flint Michigan would more than likely take my side of this issue.

Activism Unchecked=More Drinking Water Poisons

The USA Today published a nice article about lead contamination in municipal drinking water systems all across the nation. In the article link at the end of my article you will read about an unfortunate young boy who has unknowingly been bathing in, drinking, and eating food prepared in water that is contaminated with lead. As I have pointed out before, the danger we face of drinking contaminated water comes…