The 10 Biggest Water Hoaxes Of All Time

Over the years I have encountered, heard or accidentally stumbled over countless ridiculous claims, stories and questions about water. I was bored and decided to put together my To 10 List of the world’s biggest water hoaxes.

  1. Peter Popoff’s Miracle Water – Knowing it is a scam, I still sent for the water. It will make a nice prop for water videos. If it so happens that after receiving the miracle water I begin getting checks in the mail, I will move this to my favorites list.
  2. The Fountain Of Youth – Ponce de Leon believed that somewhere in the universe a fountain existed that turned old farts into young studs. Ponce’s heart was in the right place and he believed water to be magical. Still, this is nonsense.
  3. Alkaline Water – Believed to raise the pH of our blood/body this line of hoax products has infiltrated the world. Our stomach pH is 1.5 – 3. Alkaline water becomes acid when we drink it. Also, our kidneys, not the contents of our stomach determine blood pH. 5 star BS here.
  4. Hydrogen Water/Vitamin Water/Additive Water – If you like these products, have at it. However, none of them has a high enough concentration of anything to improve your health over and above what water does. Drink to hydrate, eat for nutrition. Waste of Money.
  5. Water Shortages Caused by Climate Change –  Rainfall has never been predictable or dependable over short periods of time (10 years). Our climate has always changed, this is nothing new. However, the majority of water shortages man is facing today are a result of poor planning, over population, overuse, and lack of infrastructure. California throws away 4 billion gallons of fresh water for lack of storage, and then blames Climate Change for why they have no water.
  6. Pollution is causing us to run out of fresh, safe drinking water – Total nonsense. Modern technology can easily process polluted water into safe, delicious drinking water. There is not a single water source in the world that cannot be converted into safe drinking water. We shouldn’t pollute, but there is nothing we can to to stop contaminating our water. We need to plan for better treatment infrastructure.
  7. “We want pure drinking water” – No, we don’t. Pure water doesn’t exist in nature. Only technology can produce it and maintain it, and you can only find pure water in industry, laboratories, and food and drug companies. Pure water will de-calcify your teeth, and dissolve your copper plumbing.
  8. Bottled water turning to gel, videos – The idiots producing these videos are committing libel and slander of commercial water products companies who all do an admirable job creating safe drinking water for all of us. These videos are nothing more than manipulations of the freezing properties of water. Just like the frozen slush machine at the theater. It’s slush, not poisonous, unknown gel. People who perpetrate this kind of information should be prosecuted.
  9. The reason New York Bagels taste the way they do is because of the water – The boiling point of water is 212 º F. Bagels are baked at 425 º F.  Most of the water added in the dough is long gone by the time the bagel is done. If indeed a NY bagel tastes better than bagels made anywhere else in the world, (which I also find to be BS), it is NOT, because of the water.
  10. Salt-free water conditioners – these are products that use magnetism or electricity to affect calcium ions in such a way that they will not form scale. The truth is that the current applied excites the calcium ions and while they are exited their increased kinetic activity (motion) theoretically keeps them from precipitating and forming scale. Here is the dirty little secret; The added energy is quickly lost and the calcium goes back to its original scaling potential long before it passes through a 40 – 80 gallon hot water tank. Also, these units will do nothing to eliminate the soap scum that water softeners eliminate.