The Biggest Threats To Our Water

There isn’t a person reading this blog who is not concerned with our drinking water. Our care is universal. Unfortunately, as well-intended as we are, it is we; you and me, not Industry that presents the biggest threat to our water. The link below may shock you, but please check it out.


Adding further insult to our own culpability in destroying our water, you and I create, by far, even more waste and pollution than industry does. If you worked in a sector that regularly took you inside manufacturing plants you would quickly see that industry is dedicated to reusing as much water as possible, has multi-million dollar equipment in place to scrub air and clean water before it is discharged back into the environment.

Compare that to you and I. We use 95% of the world’s clean water. What do we do to reuse it? The water going down our sings, shower drains, dishwashers,  and garage drains isn’t reused, is it? Industry has automatic shutoff valves to stop the flow of water when processes is not operating. You and I? We routinely let faucets run while we wash our face, heat up the shower, wash cars or even shave. And what about the jink we send down the drain? DO we filter out toxic chemicals? Of course not, we just send it to someone else to take care of.

And what about the ever increasing problems with condoms, used drug needles, plastic debris, food scraps, feces and even municipal waste discharge that is making the world’s beaches unsafe to enjoy. Who is it again that is doing all this? Industry? No, it is you and me doing these horrible things.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am all for policing industry. In my 35 year career I have designed and installed millions of gallons per minute capacity of water treatment and waster treatment equipment. However, I cannot recall ever running into an individual that had the same relative investment in their own space to conserve, reuse and clean water.

It is easy to pick on industry for water abuses because they have big pockets and translate really well as bad guys in the media. We love to beat up industry. The reality however, is that industry embarrasses you and me when it comes to taking care of our water. And let us be realistic, man’s need for manufacturing will not diminish any time soon, nor will our consumption of new products and water.

We citizens use 95% of the world’s water. We citizens create the majority of the world’s pollution. We citizens do the least to protect our water but we sure have become great at finger-pointing, haven’t we?

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