The First 100% Green Water Purification Technology

I am proud to be working on a new start-up technology based on some recent R&D work with my team. We are in the early stages and while my personal laboratory is not of the full magnitude required to completely develop this level of technology, a good friend, a soon to be Ph.D. electrical engineer, and a chemical engineer colleague of mine have been working with a new type of membrane which is a modified glass, using electrical current to deliver, get this BOTH anion and cation exchange capacity.

In a similar fashion to CDI and EDI the electricity provides the attractive force for the ion exchange, but that is where the difference stops and the excitement begins. Our membrane does not foul, does not plug, can be cleaned with the harshest temperatures and chemicals and not lose one single ion exchange site.

So far, we have pulled metals out of oil sludge, steel mill picking/quench water, and plating rinse water at a local medical device/titanium orthopedic joint manufacturer.

The glass membrane is fashioned out of sand, and the energy input to form the membrane is waste/leftover heat that is either being vented or recycled in large industrial plants and refineries.

I can’t yet share photos as we are working on the patent application process. Nonetheless, we are rolling. stay tuned for more Glass is the new green


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