The Foolishness of Sustainability!

In my typical no bullshit style, let me cut to the quick. If you strive for sustainability; if you believe man can achieve sustainability, you are an imbecile. If you are a university professor who believes this, you are an imbecile. If you are a CEO or activist who believes this, you are an imbecile.

Let me be 100% clear, and at the same time, provide a science lesson.

The Earth is sustainable, and it doesn’t give a shit what you or I do. Humans have become pompous and we believe that if the planet no longer enables us to drive cars, fly in planes, send rockets into space, and engage in every other activity of our modern life, that somehow the planet is failing or dying. The entire concept of sustainability is nonsensical. Earth never signed up to provide our current lifestyle. If we pollute and kill ourselves off, the Earth will continue to clean itself and life will continue to propagate.

Should the citizen of tomorrow find himself leading a more pastoral, regional, less-traveled lifestyle, so be it. Earth doesn’t care.

At some point the natural laws of science always adjust the lifestyle of those alive at the time. Not dinosaur, politician, or tree hugger can influence how life tomorrow will be lived. We can slow down our consumption of oil all we want, but at some point, it will be no more. We can build all the electric vehicles we want, but at some point the availability of metals and fresh water will likewise cease the world of these vehicles.

We should focus on the sustainability of our own life, and not the lifestyle that we believe the Earth owes us. Our lifestyle is going to change, and there is not a damned thins we can do about it.



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