The Green New Deal. Death To Our Water!

Fossil Fuels are integral to purifying water and making it potable, that is, safe to drink. let’s look at how water purification tools require energy.

  • Granular Activated Carbon, the most common purification technology, requires 2000 ° C, mechanical crushing of coconut shells, trucks and machines to collect and transport to the kilns.
  • Water Softening Resin is fossil fuel-based – Divynyl Benzene
  • Reverse Osmosis Membranes are made from Fossil Fuels
  • Municipal filters are made of polypropylene, fiberglass, and steel. All oil-based.
  • Pumps are made of Stainless Steel – Impellers and seals are made of oil-based plastic
  • Control panels, PC controls, valves, and fittings – all oil-based products.

So imagine that the Green New Deal (GND)  does away with planes, trains, and automobiles.  Imagine next that America starts using dramatically less oil. Now imagine that the average GDN supporter, which would be climate talkers, preservationists, and environmentalists were educated in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Engineering, and Biology.

Oh, my word, what a great world that would be. I say that because you see is these haters of fossil fuels were educated in the way science and man exist, they would realize that a wide majority of products that we count on, even many that purify our air and water cannot be manufactured without fossil fuels.

In addition to the fossil-fuel-based water treatment products, things like carpet, pantyhose, eyeglass frames, computers t-shirts, car parts, syringes, IV bags, MRI machines, false teeth, lawn furniture, car wax, solar panels, smartphones, solar panels, asphalt, lubricants, medical replacement parts, and even golf balls are made from fossil fuel derivatives.

But wait, GND nincompoops, there is even more. Many of the above-listed plastic products (yes, pantyhose and carpets are made of thermoplastics) are made affordable to us because they are manufactured with derivatives and by-products of petroleum distillation to make gasoline.

So here is a GND D’uh moment. If the oil companies stop distilling large volumes of crude due to less dependence on fossil fuel, then the manufacturers of all the above listed products will have to start building and operating their own distillation plants to get the derivatives required to manufacture all the creature comforts that you and I have come to love and depend on. However, instead of buying these derivatives inexpensively off of mega volume distillers, they will instead make the stuff themselves, exponentially increasing the prices we pay for goods, especially drinking water.