The Mystery Of Slush Drinks Unveiled

A friend of mine asked me today why an iced drink does not give him the classic eye-head- cold migraine type effect but a Mister Misty® or other slushy ice-type of drink readily does. He posed the question, “I thought you told me that ice can only get so cold, to be specific, 32° F or 0° C.

Well, this is true. Frozen water will always exist at these temperatures, regardless of the outside temperature.

However, inside the Slushy machine a bunch of watery magic happens. Once sugar, flavors and coloring is added, the slush is no longer water ice and the temperature of the drink can be made colder. Add to that the tumbling motion of the machine keeps the slush from solidifying and facilitates an even colder temperature. In this way the slushy drink can quench your thirst, set off your taste buds, and torture you at the same time.

I am not allowed to have slushy drinks at the theater, at least not when I am with my wife. She says I can be as stupid as I want on my time but she doesn’t want to hear me moaning and gasping during the important parts of the movie.


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