The REAL Problem With Covid – 19

Unless you have been orbiting Mars in an Elon Musk space ship you have become nauseated with the constant barrage of information and predictions about Covid-19. More maddening is the constant waffling, retractions and incorrect information from the “experts.

If we are being honest, these people must be given an F grade when it comes to both protecting the American people, and in providing accurate advice. Their collective effort has not saved a single life, prevented a single case, nor created an effective plan for moving forward. If we are being honest, nobody is happy. Our economy is shut down, politicians preach one thing and do another, and the average citizen grows angrier and even violent with each tick of the clock.

So whose fault is this? How did we come to flounder?

It all started with the Baby Boomers. I remember Walter Cronkite saying that Americans were falling behind the rest of the world in Science, Mathematics and Engineering. Indeed, in my day most college students ran and hid from these subjects.

Segue now to 2020: We have a population who can’t pronounce Avogadro, Grignard Reagent, or even the word nuclear (noo-que-ler) let alone understand how vital theses things are. Instead of a textbook foundation in science, today we have television personalities fortified with uncontested access to the ear of the American public. We now rely on “Experts” like Joy Behar, Don Lemon and Governor Cuomo.

It is a bastardization of science that dissenting and contrary voices are completely squashed from speaking to the public. And it isn’t just with Covid-19 discussions. This pathology spills over into discussions of drinking water, climate, and more. Those who bring up textbook laws of science are quickly silenced today.

It is sad that our media must allow equal air time for both political parties but not for scientists with differing views. This is not how the disciplines of the sciences are advanced. In developing a new drug for instance, there is an equal amount of scientists working to rip the drug apart as there are those trying to make it work. It is only by this age-old process that the greatest discoveries of man have come to be.

I promise you, if you took a look at my Linked in contacts and colleagues you would find more expertise in science than you will find with the figureheads we accept as experts. Yet this army of scientist remains hidden.

Obviously, it is impractical to think that Americans must now go back and become science students, however going forward, new students should be required to take difficult science and mathematics courses.

Think about this. After discovering that Thalidomide caused severe birth defects it took five years to convince “the government experts” to take it off the market.

If these people are indeed experts, then how do you explain the poisoning of water in Flint Michigan? How do you explain why products like DDT, Glyphosate, Asbestos, Carbon Tetra-chloride, and cigarettes were considered safe for so long by our “experts? How do you explain that our precious EPA contaminated a tributary of the Colorado River (Animus) with 3 1/2 million of gallons of chromium? Experts, you say?

Science is being bastardized by politics and the media. Political agenda is being allowed to squash science and this is hurting our nation. This  behavior must be corrected immediately. Federal health and science entities must again be made accountable to the general scientific community before making pronouncements to the world.