The Water Apocalypse!


Over the ages we have seen men migrate and build great cities and resorts around water. We read in science books that all life comes from water, and that without water there can be no life. We read about the unimaginable shortage of water that so many poor African nations suffer, and we shake our heads in horror when the water that we do have is abused and poisoned by the very people we trust to protect it.

Whether we choose to believe it or not, regardless if it is man-made or not, we are experiencing climate change that has delivered years of drought. It is a strange dichotomy then that some places in the world, for instance the Great Lakes region, rolls right along, completely unaffected by the water problems that plague the rest of the world.

WATER PUMPMovies in the genre of WaterWorld, Mad Max and Book of Eli portray illness, war and strife due to lack of water. Somehow these themes don’t seem so far fetched any more. We are beginning to see “water pressure” between those who have water and those who don’t, and the global water crises has dangerous and real implications percolating silently beneath the universal good will of bring water to the needy.

The manner in which governments, corporations, communities, makers of technology entrepreneurs and citizens deal with our growing water crisis will have great impact on whether man enters a water apocalypse or not.






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