The Week In Water

I’m all wet. Water everywhere!

Columbia, South Carolina issued a water alert. because of brown water due to equipment failure.

I often try to teach the scientific principles of The Conservation of Energy, The Conservation of Mass, and Mass Balance. Frequently, environmental activists jump on bandwagons of what they think are clean technologies only to find out the once the entire picture is viewed most new technologies are just as polluting as the old ones. Solar power, for example, creates just as much pollution per Kilowatt-Hour produced as fossil fuels do. Oh, but we hate to face this reality. So here, along the same lines, we find that beverages bottled in “reusable” aluminum cans are just as polluting as bottles made of plastic.

Water. Drink! Drink! Drink! Right? Ah…..not so much. Drink too much and it simply goes right through your system as evidenced by water-white urine. Better to have a soda, an apple, a beer, and a moderate amount of water. You see, food all contains water and for the body to absorb water, the source must remain in the stomach/bloodstream long enough to be absorbed. Gorging on water can actually prevent your body from becoming hydrated.

Sadly, people who spread nonsense about water seem to always have an audience. Here, Kangen Water, more horse manure.