The WHO and CDC – Spreading Disinformation – Air Conditioning

Quick Recap. I was the first one to say that HVAC Systems proliferate the growth and spread of SARS-CoV-2. Now however, through a lack of understanding of science, engineering and physics, the CDC and WHO are incorrectly advising that turning the temperature of your air conditioner up to 78°F will minimize moisture droplets in which the virus particle can thrive. This is 100% incorrect. It defies all known science of air conditioning, humidity, and virology. Turning your temperature up to 78º F will increase the growth and proliferation of SARS-CoV-

Here is why.

The amount of water droplets, or more precisely humidity that is available to any HVAC system is 100% conserved regardless if an air conditioning unit is turned on or off. Your temperature setting has absolutely no bearing on your potential exposure to water droplets. Let’s examine what  both the WHO and CDC do not know.

Given Information:

  • Imagine It is 90 ºF with 80% humidity. Let’s look at what happens when you fool with your temperature setting.
  • Every 10 °F the temperature is lowered, the existing humidity is lowered roughly 20%
  1. With the air conditioner turned off, both the air outside your home, and inside your home will be 80% humid. At 80% humidity the SARS-CoV-2 enjoys a good, warm, moist environment and it will grow in your home.
  2. With the Air conditioner set at 80 ºF the humidity will drop 20%, to an overall value of 64%. Your home will be less humid but still provide moisture for a virus to grow. In addition, the 16% of the humidity that has been reduced will form water droplets on your HVAC coil.Your fan will keep blowing across the coil and some of that moisture, as the CDC warns, will be carried back into your home.
  3. You need it cold, you set the temperature to 65%, The inside humidity drops by 50% and gives you a comfortable indoor humidity of 40%. Again, the humidity that is removed, forms condensation on your coil and some of it will be blown back into your home.

The first takeaway here is a scientific Law called the Law Of Conservation Of Matter. No matter how you operate your Air Conditioner, the amount of water droplets/humidity is not affected. It is distributed differently, but the total amount can never change. Here is the equation.

Humidity Removed + Inside Humidity = 100% of the outside humidity

The CDC and WHO have a fetish about water droplets as they apply to SARS-CoV-2. However, it is humidity and not water droplets that determine virus proliferation. Herein lies the confusion and the self contradiction about what the hell these “experts” are talking about. They tell us that:

  • Supposedly higher air humidity kills the virus almost immediately – Why aren’t summer cases dropping?
  • Supposedly decreasing water droplets reduces spreading – Why not ban the use of Air Conditioning?
  • Engineering science tell us that regardless of temperature setting the total amount of humidity is the same.

So, why do I say that regardless of your settings, our HVAC systems are inoculated and will continue to infect us? What is it that the WHO and CDC are ignorant of?

Duct work, fans, vents,  and filters are all growing-fields for bacterial and viral growth. These surfaces are coated with spores, mites, skin flecks, dust, pollen, insect feces, mold and a whole host of other organic (carbon containing) material that can protect, nurture and grow new organisms, including viruses.

Make no mistake, other than in surgery, oral/nasal droplets have little impact on the spread of a virus. We simply don’t get that intimately close to others on a regular basis. However, when indoors or in our car, we do breathe 100% air that passes through irreversibly contaminated HVAC systems. In the coming 2-weeks, when the experts are desperately trying to explain why cases keep increasing, you just send them this article.




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